Andrzej Baczyński


Z architektem Andrzejem Baczyńskim (Worship Studio Director biura projektanckiego Our Cool Blue Architects) 12 Marca 2019 roku, rozmawiała redaktor Kinga Faściszewska z Radia Rodzina.

Andrew has over 35 years of extensive experience as a project architect and a project manager in Institutional, Educational, Residential and Commercial buildings. During his career he has built an extensive network of strong relationships and excellent reputation. Prior to joining OCBA’s team, Mr. Baczynski was the Director of the Worship Studio with Y&W / IBI group. The studio produced design for parishes including churches, mausoleums, rectories, convents, cemeteries and other ecclesiastical spaces. Projects under his leadership varied from small renovations to large built churches. The latest theistic projects included St. Josephine’s Bhakhita Church in Mississauga, Guardian Angel’s Church in Brampton and the Mausoleum for Our Lady of Hope in Ancaster. 

Świadectwo wiary Andrzeja Baczyńskiego
Andrzej Baczyński  

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